A Cemetery of Poets Is in Crisis in Rome- New York Times

Il cosiddetto cimitero a-cattolico di Roma, conosciuto anche come “protestante” è in difficoltà economiche: ospita le spoglie di poeti, di Antonio Gramsci e di altri grandi nomi…

This city’s tiny Non-Catholic Cemetery possibly contains the highest density of famous and important bones anywhere in the world: the cramped final resting place of the poets Keats and Shelley, dozens of diplomats, the Bulgari family, Goethe’s only son and Antonio Gramsci, a founding father of European Communism, to name a few. The cemetery (in Italian, Cimitero acattolico), also widely known as the Protestant Cemetery, although it contains the graves of Jews and other non-Christians, is the oldest burial ground in continuous use in Europe, conservationists say.